Kinetic Evaluation Instruments B.V.

KEI's Surface Plasmon Resonance Instruments are on the market since 1997.  KEI stands for high quality yet cost effective instruments dedicated to the research market.

KEI's  Surface Plasmon Resonance instruments used for analysis of biomolecular interactions in real time without labeling.  KEI's systems also provide the possibility of simultaneous electrochemical measurement with a separate potentiostat / galvanostat.

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) has become a standard tool in life sciences and pharmaceutical research laboratories. The study and characterisation of molecular interactions is essential to explore the structure-function relationships of biomolecules and to aid our understanding of biological systems in life sciences, like antibody-antigen, ligand-receptor, protein-nucleic acid, cell adhesion and drug development. With the option of electrochemistry, an extra tool is available for the study of enzymes, ion channels, membrane proteins, polymer layers, polymerisation and polymer-biomolecular interactions.

SPR provides quantitative information, which can be used to determine reaction kinetics and affinity constants for molecular interactions, as well as the active concentration of biomolecules in solution. It also provides qualitative information and allows small-molecule screening to epitope mapping and complex assembly studies.

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