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Cambo BV was founded in The Netherlands in 1946 and has the distinction of being the first studio camera manufacturer to produce an all-metal large format camera. Based in the town of Kampen in the East of the Netherlands, Cambo has since built a reputation for high quality, precision engineered cameras, stands and other studio equipment.


What we manufacture
Digital photography for view cameras, an extensive range of studio stands, specialist architectural and landscape wide cameras, shooting tables and other studio accessories - or an exciting range of compact, portable video booms, jibs and shoulder rigs for today's videographer - whatever your specialist need, Cambo offer a high quality product produced with care and attention based upon over 70 years of accumulated expertise and experience.

Next to this broad range of standardised products as listed further on this website, Cambo offer to their customers many possibilities to modify products for specific use, where possibile.
We can be your OEM Partner
Cambo is an OEM Partner for several products in various industries. Ranging from high-precision small mechanical sub-assemblies to massive support structures for measuring devices with maximum stability.

Companies that utilise Cambo OEM products can be found in AeroSpace and Satellite technology, Video and Broadcast industries, Archival and Reproduction industries and so on.

Cambo can supply a full path of technology, from initial 3D-CAD desgin, via in-house CNC machining, to high-end manufacturing and end-assembly, when needed even on location.

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